About Us

Your problems are our responsibility. Now a days many people are facing various issues or problems in their PC or computer, and for that we are here to fix your issues or to find a solution to your problem, users can easily trust on our website as our work is professional and quick. We also got very frank personable staff which makes the customers quite comfortable with them to talk on a call. We provide the best quick or rapid services on our site. The moment we got to know about your problem or issue our team will try to reach the solution within 4 working hours, but there are exceptions too, sometimes it may take a bit longer to fix the issue and on the other hand it may get fixed sooner, basically it depends on the situation and on the problem too.

You can have a blind trust on our company and simply handover your technology or gadget in our hands of our team that is tsgpchelp.com. Our company or our website is one of the longest, trustable and independent computer service companies. Our services are available all over the world and also available in more than 28 languages and yes our services are 24/7 available through out the week. Our company or our website is helping home users too and heling them to grow their business with prompt. We been professional and operational on site pc services.

What Actually We Are

Tsgpchelp.com, basically TSG PC Help are online customer care services, which are quite helpful, trustable, informative services to their users. Our company or our website is an informative security and technology news publication. Thousands of users calls or be in regular touch with our website as they find it quite trustable and frank. our customer service operators are well deserved, trained and responsible to handle the problems Or issues faced by the users. We also help our customers to tell about the latest security threats or new alerts their computer is facing or about the latest updates the computer needs. One should take care of the technology as well as the computers. Suitable antivirus, software’s, hardware’s must be installed in the computer to avoid errors or useless prompts. In addition to news, Our services are on a very wide scale with free technical support services, downloads and yes self education tools which allows our customers to fix or resolve their problems by their own, most probably the problems are quite easy to solve it is just about the basic concepts, one should try to reach the solution to his problem by his own and if not able to fix or resolve no need to worry our services are always open for you through out the week.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the accurate answer to your question. We do provide informative, relevant and perfect solution to your problems, we try our best to fix your issues as soon as possible, we do care of your precious time and with out wasting any time we start working on your problems, your problems is our responsibility to sort it out. We also let us know about the latest threats and latest updates so our customer can easily protect their computer and take the complete control of your network, device and data.