How to add spectrum email to the email application

How to add spectrum email to the email application: If you want to know how to add spectrum email to your email application, then this is the post for you.

We’ll take you through a step by step process for installing and configuring spectrum email so that it can be used with the default email app.

The very first thing the users must know about spectrum or spectrum email.

spectrum email is a type of internet communication which is used in way of sending emails that are electronic mails to one another, these emails can contain important messages which are only sent or received if there is an internet connection, and for that spectrum, internet depends on the hybrid fiber.

And the one can also create an email account on the spectrum by going on to an official website and entering all your details to create an email account on the spectrum, the spectrum email account will be valid for the lifetime of their users.

How to add spectrum email to the email application on android?

The user only needs to create an account on the spectrum and confirm the process of signing up on the spectrum.

Once the user is done with creating an account on the spectrum then only the user can add their email to the spectrum email application.

Below are mentioned the easiest steps to add spectrum email to the application;

  1. First of all the user needs to install the app of spectrum to add the email.
  2. After the application is downloaded, the user needs to open the application, then directly visit the menu and select email.

Note: please do not select Gmail or yahoo to do not face any error.

  1. Select the option of adding an account and after that select IMAP in the server settings.
  1. And after these steps enter spectrum’s email server settings and follow the prompts
  2. Last but not least enter your spectrum email account details.

This step is one of the important ones because the user needs to enter the correct details of their account carefully to avoid any error.

How to add a spectrum email account on the iOS mail application?

Adding spectrum email account on mail application on your iPhone is as easy as adding to android, there is nothing big to deal with for their customers, it can be done in a few easy steps but first, the user needs to complete the process of sign up and create an account.

Below are mentioned the steps to add spectrum email on iOS mail app;

  1. The very first thing for the user who is willing to add the spectrum email to their mail app is to install the mail application on their iPhone.
  2. After the installation of the mail application, go to the iPhone settings and open the mail application.
  3. Then add account and their select other remember not to select Gmail or yahoo just select other in the option.
  4. And then enter your basic information in the specified mentioned fields.
  5. Do not choose any other server instead of IMAP under the incoming mail server.
  6. Do remember to select in the description field.
  7. And yes do check twice the toggle button is on for the mail application to avoid any further error.
  8. Last but not least if your email inbox appears in front of you then it means your email account is added to your mail application on ios.

Note: do enter your log-in details carefully because if entered wrong thrice the account will be blocked for a few hours, so to avoid any error enter your log-in details carefully.

About spectrum email application

For the benefit of spectrum users, spectrum is available on the play store as well as on the ios app store with no extra cost, the user can simply download the spectrum email application on android and ios too.

When using the spectrum email application, the user needs to first create an email account on the spectrum, and then enter the details of that account in the spectrum email application.

How to create a spectrum email account?

You guys may question whether can add spectrum email to the email app but for that we need to create the email account on the spectrum, so how we can create an account on the spectrum?

Below are the steps to create a spectrum email account:

  1. So, if you are a spectrum internet customer then you can of course request to create an email account on spectrum online.
  2. Once the request is accepted you can then simply create a master email account.
  3. So firstly, you need to visit the original website of the spectrum.
  4. Then in the internet section, select the option to create an email address.
  5. Then enter your important details in the specified fields as in your username, password, etc to end the process of signing up.
  6. Do remember to be very careful in adding the details to avoid any error and every single detail should be correct and in the last select, the option finish.
  7. Hence you are done with creating an account on the spectrum and now you can add it application to whether it’s android or iOS.

Conclusion: How to add spectrum email to the email application

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