What is Antivirus? Download TSG PC Antivirus – No.1 Antivirus 2021

Before we start, we all should know about what is antivirus software? The term antivirus or anti virus software is an running software program that is designed to prevent, catch, detect bugs which are harmful for your computer or your gadget. Antivirus software also helps to remove malware, including the Computer viruses, Trojan horses etc.

Basically antivirus software is a program which keeps your device safe from bugs, viruses and yes they may also prevent and remove adware and spyware which are the forms of malware. Malware is a software which is intestinally designed to cause a damage to your device as well as computer and antivirus protects your computer, device from malware too.

The commonly used or you can say the best antivirus software used are TSG, MacAfee, Norton , Kaspersky, Avira, trend micro and Avast antivirus. And it is very important to install one of them because a virus can easily corrupt your files, system and data or worse, sell it and antivirus software is the only and only to guard your computer from viruses and hackers. Anti virus software program will protect against computer viruses or attacks that will be harmful and may give  damage to your computer.

Although every term do come with some advantages and dis advantages . so here are the advantages and disadvantages of anti virus;

Disadvantages Of Antivirus

  1. Frequent advertisements – If one is not on an premium versions of antivirus programs, so through some means the company had to earn money so they frequently show you some advertisements so they can earn some money.
  2. Slow down system – Installing an antivirus simply means that a lot of resources from the computer memory and hard drive is being used. in return it automatically slows down your computer.
  3. Lacking in complete protection – If one had not purchases the premium version of antivirus that he wont be able to access complete protection.
  4. Security holes – There are few security holes present inside the operating system and networking software.
  5. Less customer support – To this you can also say demerit of anti viruses software, and the companies are already trying to fix this issue.
  6. Sharing your data – Yes antiviruses do share your some data by some other ways.
  7. Slow scans – The antivirus is quite heavy and large to install so it may slow down your computer scans as well as performance.

 Advantages Of Antivirus

  1. Virus protection – The first and important advantage of antivirus is that they protects your device from harmful bugs as well as viruses.
  2. Spyware protection – Spyware is a type of malware which damages your computer and antivirus protects your device or computer from such malwares.
  3. Web protection – While browsing over internet on various websites one can come across different threats in an bad way and cyber attackers can easily attack their device.
  4. Spam protection – There are a lot of means for virus to enter like spam and unread messages, antivirus is here to protect your  the spam from the virus.
  5. Data protection – Some times virus corrupts your data for this antivirus installation is must as the data can be quite important to you.
  6. Cost effective – It is very cost effective whether it’s a premium version or not , the monthly or yearly subscription is easy for the one to purchase it is quite affordable.
  7. Easy to install – Whenever you purchase a antivirus and you feel trouble to how to install it for that antivirus installation is quite easy and quicker in 5 simple steps.

There are a lot of sites online too which often says that the will protect your computer from bugs, malware, spyware, adware, viruses etc. Some how they are effective to but some how these sites them self have some viruses and bugs which automatically gets install to you device and may harm your device too and yes can crash your computer and corrupt all your data and we all know that no one ca afford to lose their data with out any back up. so man here we come up with a trustable antivirus site i.e. tsgantivirus.com which is very trustable website, where all your issues regarding viruses and bugs will be fixed easier and quicker and our site does not contain any bugs or viruses it self. no need to worry about that one can easily reach us at our website tsgantivirus.com and our team will try to fix your issue and will definitely try to protect your computer from various bugs and antiviruses.