Best App for Spectrum Email on Mac

Best App for Spectrum Email on Mac:

If you’re a Mac user, you probably already know that the built-in Mail app is the best email client available. But for those who are searching for a better alternative, here’s the story of the Best App for Spectrum Email on Mac OS X.

Emailing is the most used service while using a computer today. People are usually sending, receiving, or just checking your email inbox on their computer all the time.

Most people access their email apps on their Mac book. Most of the mailing applications are supported by iOS but there are a few which are still not available for Mac book.

In this article, we will discuss all email applications which are supported by the Mac book. If you want to know which email applications, can you use on your Mac book and what features they offer keep reading this article.

Mentioned below are a few Spectrum Email apps which can be used on Mac Book:


Mailbird allows you to access all your contacts and emails with more than one email address. You can have multiple email accounts with Mailbird. You can customize your inbox layout according to your wish.

Mailbird allows you to connect with your Facebook, WhatsApp, Dropbox and Google Calendar, etc. while you are sending or receiving messages yo0u can snooze a particular message of your wish. You can connect your LinkedIn account with Mailbird.

You can also play along with your notification sounds which means you can add your own custom-made sound effects for email notifications.

Multiple languages are supported by Mailbird which allows you to communicate in different languages. Various shortcuts are made available with Mailbird for replying, receiving, and forwarding messages.


With Polymail you can know when the recipient read your emails. This is the main function of Polymail which makes it easier for users to know to whether your email is viewed or not. You can also integrate with Slack and Saleforce messaging tolls with the help of Polymail.

The application allows you to set reminders. It allows clicking and downloads tracking feature. You can keep your emails scheduled and they can be sent later.


Outlook is one of the main email service applications for Mac users. This is an all-in-one application under which you will find emails, calendars, and contacts together.

You can plan your activities according to your life with outlook. Protects your emails and offers good antivirus software for the protection of your content.

You can manage multiple calendars in one view in Outlook.


You can use the Shift app to access Microsoft and Google accounts. If you use the Shift app to create your own workspace, you can convince other businessmen to work with you. You can use the Shift app to connect your other applications as well as share your workspace with other people.

It is possible to integrate more than one social networking site with theShift app. The email application is compatible with both Macintosh and Windows.

EM Client

EM Client is more like Outlook, the interface is very easy to understand and comfortable to use. With EM Client you can access your Contacts, Calendars, emails, and tasks. It provides proper security to its clients. You can backup your emails all the time.

Your contacts are automatically downloaded from the Web. You can customize the interface according to you. Images can be resized and rotated according to users.

Zimbra Desktop

Zima app is operational in iOS. It allows cloud computing, in addition to that you can access Calendars, contacts, and emails. Emails can be dragged and dropped in different folders accordingly. Zimbra Desktop is one of the favorite apps for Mac users.

You can add images in your email, you can also attach multiple folders in an email. You can access your emails both online and offline with the help of the Zimbra Desktop app. It also allows you to recover your emails within a time period of 30 days. Collaboration with Zimbra Desktop is also possible.


For secure protection, your emails are automatically categorized accordingly. It allows you to pin or snooze emails from senders. This is one of the most used email service applications used by Mac users.

You can search for your emails very quickly. It offers you a few pre-written emails which help you to reply faster than other apps. This application lets you customize your signature according to your wish. You can set your notification alarm according to you.

Apple Mail

Apple mail is a very useful application. It can be used to manage your email accounts on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. You can share files with others and you can access your Yahoo, iCloud, Gmail, and Microsoft emails with Apple Email. It is the most popular application used by iOS users.


Q1. Does Spectrum Support IMAP/SMTP?

Ans. Spectrum allows you access to IMAP through your Spectrum email. This helps you to connect to your email address with the help of your desktop or you can access your email address with the help of your mobile application also. So, the conclusion is that Spectrum supports both IMAP and SMTP.

Q2. How do I access Spectrum High speed online?

Ans. In 2012 the online version of Spectrum High Speed became available. You can use your mobile phone or computer to access the same. You only need an internet connection to access Spectrum High Speed, and you need a web browser as well. The easiest way to access your Spectrum email is through your web browser.

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Conclusion: Best App for Spectrum Email on Mac or Pc

We have explained all the Spectrum email service applications which can be used on Mac. We have explained all the features and uses of all the applications. If you find this article helpful do comment down below in the comment section and let us know. If you have any doubt related to the topic you can let us know and we will try to solve your problem.