Windows 11 Reviews – Complete Analysis (Reviews 2021)

Windows 11 Reviews

Roughly after almost 6 years after everyone thought that there will be no more updates after window 10, which remained unchanged for so long now Microsoft introduced Window 11. As mentioned by Microsoft earlier that Window 10 will be the last version of Windows now the world’s most popular operating system has decided to launch … Read more

My Microsoft Account Temporarily Suspended [Complete Solution]

Microsoft account temporarily suspended

Many Microsoft users now a day’s face this problem frequently. Whenever they try to login to their account an error occurs. Most of the outlook users complaints about the same problem again and again. There are many reasons because of which this may happen. Sometimes Microsoft does this to protect your account also. Why Microsoft … Read more

Why Windows 10 Battery Indicator Wrong? (Complete Solution)

Windows 10 battery indicator wrong

It is not uncommon to display Windows 10 battery indicator wrong information on laptops or computers. This could happen for various reasons like there can be a fault with the battery hardware or the Windows software. Every battery has its own charge and recharge cycle. Which can vary from battery to battery? When you buy … Read more