How Many Hotmail Accounts Can You Have?

Microsoft is now recognizing that the number of e-mail enthusiasts is now increasing day by day. And users want various e-mail accounts to operate.

Keeping that in mind Microsoft has now introduced a few features under which you can have various e-mail accounts in a simple and easier way.

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With this Hotmail new feature e-mail enthusiasts can make multiple accounts and can operate them easily.

You do not need to operate them from different devices these all multiple e-mails can be operated from your single everyday regular e-mail inbox.

You can easily reply manage, send and receive e-mail on these mail accounts simultaneously. By signing in to your regular everyday e-mail address you can easily access all your additional accounts.

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This will provide you with a safer and more secure way to handle multiple e-mail accounts. You can keep up with both your professional and personal e-mail accounts simultaneously in a very simple way.

This will be safer as you do not need to log in to multiple accounts on different platforms.

Reasons Why Users Want to Create Multiple E-Mails

One of the main reasons why users wish to create multiple e-mail accounts today is that they do not want to mix their personal and professional e-mail accounts together.

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They want to keep the two of them separately so that both accounts’ e-mail data is safe and not shared with unwanted people.

Solution – As a solution, Hotmail has now introduced a new feature by which users can handle multiple e-mail accounts addresses easily. Hotmail now allows each user to create at least 5 different e-mail addresses of their own.

If you log in to one account you can easily gain access to the other one if all of them are linked with the same mobile number. You can delete or replace any one of the e-mail addresses whenever you want to.

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In the near future, Hotmail is also planning to increase these 5 accounts limit to 15 accounts aliases. This will be more helpful to the users till then they can make use of the 5 accounts feature also.

How To Add Multiple Hotmail Accounts?

Mentioned below are steps that you can follow to create multiple Hotmail accounts at a time:

  1. Go to the outlook window.
  2. Now click OK on the top left corner of the screen.
  3. There you will find an “Add Account” button in the account information section.
  4. Now click on the E-mail account radio button if it is not already selected.
  5. You will ask to provide information now. Mention your Name and your Hotmail address, and the password you want to react.
  6. You have retyped the password to confirm it.
  7. Click OK the “Next” button once you are done.
  8. Now both your accounts will be logged in successfully.
  9. If you want to add more such accounts repeat the same steps again.

Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ)

Q1. Is there any limit on Hotmail?

Ans. Yes, there is a limit in Hotmail on outgoing messages. You can only send 300 messages per day on Hotmail.

Q2. How many free Hotmail accounts can you have?

Ans. You can have up to 20 free Hotmail accounts in the near future according to the new features introduced by Hotmail.