How To Connect HP Printer To Laptop?

All of you must know that if you bought an HP printer and you wish to use it you can not attach it to your laptop simply and use it. You have to install the printer on your laptop first. There we will be talking about the procedure by which you can connect HP printer to laptop.

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The installation process of your HP printer takes at least 30 minutes. There are a few things which you will need to install your HP printer on your laptop like ink cartridges, A4 size paper, laptop, printer cable if you want to connect the printer without Wi-Fi, and of course an HP printer.

Steps You Follow To Connect HP Printer To Laptop

First, you have to unwrap your HP printer and plug in the power code with the laptop to turn the printer on and add the paper stake in the paper tray.

Now follow the given steps:

1. Installation of Cartridges

You have to lift the cover of the printer and under the scanner unit, you have to place the ink cartridges. There are handles on the side with which you can lift it up to place the cartridges properly. Very carefully place the right color cartridges in the right place.

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Now remove the sticker on the ink cartridges and push it in the holder until you hear a clicking voice. The very imp thing which you have to take care of is that the labels of the cartridges must face upwards. Finally, the cartridges are properly installed close the cover of the printer and you are good to go.

2. Choose the method by which you want to Connect HP Printer

  • Connect HP Printer to Laptop Wirelessly: To connect HP printer wirelessly you have to connect it with Wi-Fi. Look at the small screen on the printer you will find a Wi-Fi icon on it, Go to the Wi-Fi icon and tap on the ‘Settings’ option. From the options available select the Wireless Installation Wizard and read all the instructions appearing on the screen carefully and follow them.

This process may take a minute to get installed and started. If after a few minutes your HP printer is still not working then Go to ‘Settings’ and tap on the ‘Get Started’ option.

  • Connect HP Printer to a Laptop with USB: If you want to connect the printer with the help of a USB directly to your laptop, you just have to plug in the USB cable in your laptop and plug in the other end of the cable to the printer.

3. Downloading the Software on Your Laptop

If you are using a Windows device in which you have to install your printer then you first have to download the Easy Start software from HP on your laptop and then you can connect the printer with the help of USB to your laptop.

You have to brown for and download the basic desktop software to make your printer work with windows. If you are using an Apple device you have to first connect it with the USB and then you can install the software.

4. Staring Up with Easy Start

After downloading the software you will be asked to provide a few personal details and you will be given a trial period to use the printer. If you have an Instant Ink subscription you can directly start using the printer without the trial period.

After that, you have to install the software, go for “Full Software and Drivers” or else you can choose “Basic Drivers” software.

5. Installing the Printer

The installation of the Drivers can take a while. Once the process is completed you are good to go and now you can use your printer.

You can start printing using the HP printer now as it is successfully connected to the laptop. Do not forget to shut down the printer once you are done using it. Press the off button on the printer after using it. If you do not do so the printer heads will be spoiled and the condition of your printer will be miserable in no time.

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