How to Recover or Retrieve Forgotten Hotmail Password?

We all know that passwords or passcode are most probably one of the most important things in this modern growing world and no one of us can afford to forget the password but somehow one forgot their password or passcode.

So here we will let you know the easiest steps to how to recover a Hotmail password and yes no need to panic or worry your password will be recovered easily.

How to Recover Your Hotmail Password When Lost or Forgotten?

There are a few reasons that why you need to recover your Hotmail account:

  • Someone must have tried to log in to your Hotmail account without even having the necessary or appropriate authorization, a hacker or someone who wanted to tease you may try these actions and due to their actions, you must have been locked out of your Hotmail account.
  • You may have forgotten your password because you may have a lot of them and you keep on trying the wrong password and you attempted a lot of wrong passwords. Hotmail may have prompted you about 2 or 3 attempts to enter the password and if one is not able to enter the right password in these last attempts then Hotmail will block your access and will automatically prompt you to recover your password.

Here is how to recover your Hotmail password when it is forgotten or lost or your access is blocked so you need to recover your Hotmail account:

The very first thing to do is directly go to your The moment you land the page then you need to click on the can not access your account. It may be the bellow sign-in button.

The second you click on can not access your account you will be directly transferred to why are you troubled in signing in? There you need to click on the forgot my password option and then simply click next.

Later you need to enter your Hotmail In the Microsoft account field and enter all the characters of the captcha very carefully which is shown up to you for captcha verification, this will make you step closer to your recovering Hotmail account.

Next, you need to select the verification option in which you are quite comfortable and confident. Hotmail will be providing a link of Hotmail recovery password through many methods to retrieve Hotmail password.

Next, you need to verify your identity so here you need to select the answer of the question prompted to you that will be how would you like to get your security code? And you will be given 4 options as in:

  • Send email sa********@
  • Send email hi********@
  • Send message ********37
  • Call ********37

And you need to select one of them to verify your identity as well as to recover your Hotmail account password and yes you may have an option to choose I don’t use these numbers or emails anymore.

This will add on one more step for recovery of Hotmail account, now you need to fill out a short form to retrieve your Hotmail password, the form may ask you to fill your basic and necessary information that will simply verify that will make sure that you are the owner of the account.

The moment or the second you are done you will be able to receive a submission confirmation window. Now it is all depending on your form and how perfectly you filled out the Google form and how accurately your submission is.

If it is totally fine then Microsoft will accept it and do send you an email stating the success of your request.

And yes if you are very successful and your email of retrieve Hotmail password approves then you will receive a Hotmail account recovery code and the one need to enter the recovery code in the field which is prompted or shown up to you and next click on the use recovery code button.

Now take a deep breath you are done with the completion of the Hotmail password recovery process.

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Tricks and Tips to Recover Hotmail Password?

Here are the steps are shown below to recover your Hotmail password:

  1. Be sure that your account isn’t being inactive for more than 365 days.
  2. If you yourself deactivated your Hotmail account then you are lacking in days if you change your mind to activate your account again then you need to do that within 30 days because after 30 days your account will be deleted.
  3. To receive your password as soon as possible you need to be sure that you provide the correct alternate email address and phone number and yes do make sure that you answer a security question too.
  4. Make sure that you always check the address bar, there can be a high probability that it can be a phishing site.
  5. Do not ever log in to your Hotmail account from a device you don’t trust, some devices as computers may contain some viruses and malware which may steal your Hotmail account password.
  6. Try to refresh your password or to change your password as often as possible, this is done to avoid others from guessing your password.
  7. You can use the same password twice or thrice but use different styles or different variations of it example computer, cOMpuTeR, coMPUT3r etc. So that this exercise also makes you remember your password.
  8. And at the last and an important one you make sure that your computer is installed with antivirus software, as antivirus software protects your computer from any virus attacks.

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