How To Stop Junk Email In Outlook?

Nowadays usage of Email is increasing day by day. Often people receive a lot of junk emails now and then. And the number of these junk emails keeps on increasing with time.

By the time your Email will be so filled with these junk mails that it will make it difficult for you to use it. So, it is very important for you to learn how to handle or stop junk mail in outlook.

So, that it does not hinder your users’ experience.

Here Are Some Steps For Stop Junk Email In Outlook:

Mentioned below are some pointers which you can keep in mind to avoid junk mails and can eventually stop them:

1. Don’t Respond to Spam

Never respond to junk mails. This simple instruction is given to everyone in many ways but believe me people very easily open these mails and they even download attachments sent via those junk mails.

This lets most malware infections begin on your PC.

You just have to differentiate between junk and normal mails. If you do not recognize the sender’s address then there are chances that the mail is junk mail.

These spammers use the false address to send you junk mails and you guys out of curiosity open them up.

But if you open the mail you can still prevent your PC from malware infection, look at the subject of the email very carefully if it makes sense then only proceed further otherwise do not download the link or anything.

Another way to recognize junk mails is that spammers who send these mails often make a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. So, you can easily recognize junk mails and normal mails by reading them.

Because an authorized sender sends an email with full attention and takes time with the content of the mail.

2. Avoid Sharing Your Email Address

Do not share your Email address online too much. Spammers receive or find your emails online most often. That is why try not to publish your email online.

Even if you share your email address with others try to send it in a way that it is understood to you and the receiver only.

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If you send or share your email with someone and suddenly a number of spam mails increase it means that the person has shared your email online. Use your alternate email address when you want to register to any website.

There are many services that offer to make as many disposable emails as you want.

3. Do Report Junk Mails

If you find any spam mail in your account you should immediately report it. As soon as you mark mail spam it will automatically disappear from your inbox and will shift to Outlook’s junk email filter.

After that, if the same send tries to send you junk mails it will automatically delete them before even reaching you and will not disturb you at all.

4. Do Not Subscribe To Promotional Emails

Promotional Emails are a big part of our modern life right now. You try to avoid them but it is not completely possible to do so.

Companies send so many promotional emails to the users that in no time your inbox is filled with them and you have to face storage issues.

Even though Outlook offers you 15 GB of email storage space per Outlook account and offers 50 GB of space for Office 365 home and Office 365 Personal subscribers.

Then also these promotional emails flood your inbox very easily and usage is affected.

So, people are advised not to subscribe to these promotional websites. Nowadays almost every website comes with an unsubscribing option for the convenience of the people.

In every promotional email at the bottom of the message, you will definitely find a link to unsubscribe to that website you just have to unsubscribe it.

5. Use Temporary Mail Services

If you are not able to manage your main account or inbox with all those spam emails. If the junk mails are creating a mess in your Outlook account you can try and use a temporary email.

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But you have to remember that even if a temporary email looks and works exactly like a normal email it is not meant to be used for a very long time. They automatically expire after a few minutes or hours. So, you cannot use it for a very long time.

But you can use temporary mail to stop junk mails to clutter in your main email inbox for sure.

Mentioned below are a few reputed providers of temporary email services:

  • Guerrilla Mail
  • com
  • 10 Minute Mail

6. Configure Your Outlook Junk Email Filter

  1. To improve the performance of your Outlook filter you should configure it from time to time.
  2. Open your Microsoft Outlook and then click on the Home Tab.
  3. After that click on Junk Icon (a person with a prohibited sign), and then select the Email options button.
  4. Now look for Junk protection settings and choose from the given options:
  • No Automatic Filtering: mails from blocked senders are moved to the Junk Email Folder.
  • Low: automatically move the junk mails to the Junk Email Folder.
  • High: it may include some normal mails also which are moved to Junk Email Folder.
  • Safe Lists Only: only people who are in your safe sender’s list will be delivered to your inbox rest will be sent to the Junk Email folder.

Save the option you choose.

All the Outlook users should learn how to handle their junk mails mentioned above are all the options by which you can avoid junk mails from hindering your experience.