How To Fix HP Fax Error 344? (Complete Solution)

When you have to face hp fax error 344. When you face this error your hp printing machine is not able to send and receive faxes. This technical error occurs when there is a communication issue with the phone queue.

If the same technical issue gets an individual fax number, you can send it to different fax numbers. When faxing with this printing machine, you can see an HP error 344 fax on your fax printer machine.

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The same can be a communication issue. Before fixing this error code, you should apply the said troubleshooting methods. When you get this error you should contact HP customer care service.

If this hp printer customer service number problem gets different fax from hp technical support, you can send it to a different fax number. When faxing from a printing machine, you may encounter an HP Error 344 fax in your hp printer customer service machine.

This may be a communication issue. Before fixing this error code, you should implement effective troubleshooting methods properly.

Reason To Get HP Fax Error 344

There are many reasons to get hp fax error 344 but I am talking about some major reasons in this article. Another thing to bear in mind is the fact that this issue could be happening due to a lot of reasons.

This will be an attempt to identify what is the cause behind the issue and then try to fix the Error Code 344 on your printer. Several causes can interrupt the normal functioning of Hp fax and can disrupt the whole fax sending and receiving operation.

Knowing them all will certainly help to execute necessary troubleshooting steps accordingly:

  • When the remote gadget was getting, the remote individual has drawn the Quit Switch
  • When the link is interrupted, the gadget prevents responding to a suitable Fax command from the local gadget. These errors could take place when the phone lines in the area are the oldest, or there is an appropriate static on the phone line.
  • Other power-associated problems have the capability to corrupt the connection of the Fax.
  • Often due to some odd situations, a conflict between the gadgets might set off the remote gadget to reject the call simply
  • Power factor issues have the chance to corrupt the connection of the receiving fax.
  • There is too much static or interference in the phone lines. This could be due to electric equipment nearby
  • It could be because the service is put on hold mistakenly. If there is a click sound while receiving an incoming call, that indicates disconnection from the line.

These are some major reasons to get error 344.  

Methods To Fix HP Fax Error 344?

Now, we are talking about all fixes of this issue. I am sure after using these tricks and fixes you will be able to solve the problem with ease.

Method 1: (Amend Error connection – Mode)

  • Select setup menu from the front panel of the printing machine
  • You have to select the Fax setup menu
  • Next, you have to select the advanced Fax setup button
  • Click on the Error connection mode
  • Switch off the error connection, and you have solved it.

Method 2: (Alter Fax Speed)

  • You have to select the set-up from the front panel of the fax printing machine.
  • Now, you have to opt for the Fax setup button
  • Now, you have to select the advanced Fax setup button
  • Now, you should check out the Fax speed carefully
  • You can vary the Fax speed and establish the same slow level to 9600bps.
  • So, by changing the fax speed, your HP Fax error 344 will be resolved easily.

Method 3: (Re-Establish Connection)

  • When the telephone line looks better, you can attempt to re-establish the connection of your Fax reception.
  • If the line is not improved, you need to call the telephone line provider to improve it.

Method 4: (Change the LAN Settings)

  • Open the control panel
  • Now opens the Internet Network and after that Internet options.
  • You can choose the connections setting and then click on the LAN settings option.
  • Confirm that you identify the settings automatically and configuration scripts must not be spotted
  • Click on the OK button and you can reload the page normally.
  • If your LAN setting has no problem, and still, if you are experiencing this error, you can use the next method.

Method 5: (Update Printer Driver)

  • Click on Windows or Starter Menu
  • In the search menu, choose device manager
  • Identify and choose another machine on the manager window.
  • Right-click on the category button to install the driver
  • Select the update driver software and click on the browser in the freshly opened window
  • You need to install needed drivers and click on the Next button
  • Now, close and reboot your computer system to finish the installation procedure.

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These are some solutions to this error. These 5 methods will get rid of this issue. You can apply one by one every method you can solve your issue but you still have an issue so you must call on the hp customer service center.