[Fixed] Not Able to Access HP Printers Email Accounts

First of all we should talk about Hp printers which come with a lot of new and modern features, which let their users print out any kind of document or pictures from anywhere anyhow. New models of hp printers enable to have wireless connectivity with the printer and your android device or any other.

One of the main, modern, or the newest features of hp printers are hp e-print, which let their users print their documents or pictures simply by emailing them to the hp printer’s email address given to you, it is a very time consuming and very easy method comparing to other methods of printing a document.

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There are methods or procedures which need a driver or a direct connection with the printer, which is a bit time-consuming, but hp e-print enables does not require any direct connection or any driver or USB connection to the printer, which is the best part of hp e-prints.

Basically, hp e-print’s cloud operating technology permits you to send your print job or any document or picture through an HP managed server directly to the printer of your choice. Although this method or procedure is a new one and a bit confusing for a few persons, So many of the users come up with a lot of queries. A few of them are fixed below.

How Should One Send Email to His or Her HP Printer?

No need to worry or to be panic if you are not able to send an email to your hp printer. Although it is a very common issue faced by our users, which is not anything big to deal with it is very easy to solve it out, one should need to follow these steps:

  1. The very first thing you need to do is that click on the enable web services on your printer and yes do link your printer to HP smart to get your printer’s special e-mail address. Be careful and responsible about what you wanted to print.
  2. The second step which is an important one is that you need to create an email message and then add the attachments or documents you love to print, but yes do remember the size of the attachment, or the document should not exceed 10 MB. As the size limit is 10 MB in total.
  3. Then in the third and the second last step, you need to enter your e-print email address in the column or the field you can add any additional email address you want to.
  4. Take a deep breath here is the last step which is quite simple just click on the send email to the printer. That’s it. Your email will be printed from your choice of printer and yes you can now have a look at your print.

Why Does HP Printer Have An Email Address?

Another very important query or question which a lot of HP users come up, well this is just a simple question, not an issue or problem for the one. As printers have an option of e-print then it is obvious that the printer will have a unique simple email address so that it becomes easy to send or receive any documents, pictures, or messages.

Sending a document or image to the given email address of the printer will create a physical printer page which is an important one. E-print is as such used as a remote of printer which makes perfect sense on a number of levels.

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Not Able to Access HP Printers Email Accounts

A very common issue or problem faced by many of our users, that when adding their email account to the scan to email feature on the printer control panel. They face that their access is blocked to their email account.

In this situation, the user should not be worried or to should not panic it is quite easy for us as well as for the user to fix it. Whenever your access is blocked some error messages or pop-ups might come at your display that is:

  1. Check your security settings online.
  2. Your Gmail account needs an additional security step etc.
  3. You might have forgotten the email or password and had entered the wrong email and password.
  4. Sometimes the SMTP server is not supported because of the authentication error and you may try another server.
  5. Authentication failures, try to connect different servers for some time which might work.
  6. Not able to solve the SMTP server problem, go to the DNS settings directly and fix it out there.

How to Fix This Issue?

Try to connect to a different server when faced with an SMTP authentication failure, this might fix your issue if not then try to connect few moments later, connect to a different server every time so that SMTP authentication doesn’t fail and you do not face any errors.

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And somehow the server connects but you are not able to access your account whether the access is blocked or you may have entered wrong email and password. If your access is blocked to your account then you fix this simple issue in the security settings of Gmail as your Gmail account may require an additional security step.

If you have forgotten your email and password of your account you can simply click on the forgot password which will send a verification code or link on your recovery email and you can easily reset your password through that code or link. If still your issue is not fixed you can simply contact the HP customer support services.