How to Fix HP Printer Error 49? [Complete Guide to Solve]

Being the best and effective company in the world and providing the best technology to the users of hp as well as the world, our company try our best not to have any problems or errors in their printers.

But somehow few of the errors are faced by some of our hp users. And one of the most common errors which are faced by hp printer users is HP printer error 49.

Basically, hp printer error 49 mostly occurs when the printer tries to perform some operations or tries to perform some actions which are not capable in the supported firmware and firmware is software that is fixed in your printer operating systems to work superlatively and perfectly according to the processor of your printer.

This firmware authorizes your printer to function. So when the printer tries to perform some actions which are not capable for the firmware to perform or for which the firmware is not designed to.

For example printing files that include unsupported printing commands or interfacing with a third-party solution for which the firmware is not designed for or there are some files or documents which contain unsupported items.

How To Fix HP Printer Error 49?

We all know that error 49 in the hp printer is being a headache to each and every user of hp and yes it is the most common prompt or problem by hp printer. And there is nothing to deal with if one is attempting to print out any document or picture and Suddenly the error 49 is shown to you and all your operations are on still.

It’s a standard and most common error that often attacks the laserjet line printers. After a lot of researches, study, and understanding by the best technicians in the world, the hp printer team got to know that hp printer error is shown only because of three reasons as in firmware or for matter defect, software or hardware issue and yes Some communication issues too.

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Along with this, there are a lot of other errors namely 49.4C02, the 49.4CF2, etc are linked with. If one is being a user of hp or is using a hp printer then he might have faced these issues so here is the solution and answer to your questions that how can I fix my hp printer error 49?

Some Steps Mentioned Below to Fix HP Lasered Printer Error 49:

1. The Very First Step Is To Cancel The Job To Clear All The Memory

It is highly suggested and recommended by the technician of our hp printers to press the cancel job button so that the printer relaxes and cleans off all the memory it was having from zero and will again look to have a fresh start.

Now in the second part of the first step, you need to switch off your printer and let your printer take a rest for a while and after a few moments again switch on your printer and check whether the display is still showing error 49 or not. If not then thank god if yes then you need to move to the second step as well.

2. The Very Second Step Is That You Need To Test Your Printer

Different firmware or can also say from different software. Because a lot of time error 49 is shown just because of that the software or firmware is not capable of printing that document.

So in this type of situation, you need to change your firmware for a while to test your printer and if your printing is done perfectly now then there is no need to go to the 3rd Step.

3. Choose The Options Power Cycle Process

Opting for a power cycle is the best option as it is known in the best common suggestions for error code 49  and it is quite effective too. The power cycle is the best and perfect option to resolve the error code 49 issue or any other, power cycle is quite perfect in resolving these minor problems like hp printer error 49.

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Or you can do one thing that you may disconnect from all the cords and connections attached to the printer. This step is a very important step if the error code concludes different software or firmware application and printing.

4. Removing Of DIMMS From Printer

In this, you need to remove all DIMMS by turning off your printer and then remove all the DIMMS as well as the third party DIMMS from the printer and remove all the memory. And remember you need to keep the firmware and don’t remove it.

Before you switch on your printer you need to remove all the EIO devices and if you find the error 49 problems are resolved and fixed and now you are able to easily print out all your documents and it is strongly advised that to install each DIMMS along with EIO device separately while keeping the printer off.

Now turn on your printer and start printing again.