HP Printer Keeps Saying Out Of Paper Issue (Complete Solution)

What is the Meaning of HP Printer Says Out Of Paper?

An HP printer can say that it is out of paper to reflect an error. The device’s input tray may really be having no paper loaded in it. There can also be a malfunction in the printing machine.

As a consequence of this problem, you may see the message “HP printer says no paper” when there is a set of sheets in the device. For as long as the message is not resolved, printing operations may not be performed.

The HP Printer Keeps Saying Out Of Paper

A hp printer that says it is out of paper is a basic problem with the sheets that have been loaded in it. This basic problem can be noticed when the paper tray has been overloaded Also, the paper feed or paper pick rollers may have been affected by dust or moisture.

Thus, the paper may have been inserted in the tray, yet your printing machine may not be recognizing it. Due to this, the error message “HP Printer Says out of Paper” may be seen on the display.

To fix this message and the issue, you can check the printing paper’s condition. Also, the paper settings can be corrected or adjusted.

What Is The Reason That My HP Printer Says Out Of Paper?

If your HP printer says out of paper so it’s a common issue it’s just a machine and it can also be repaired if you have this problem so you don’t need to worry.

I will help you to fix this problem. First of all, we need to know the reasons for this issue of printer saying out of paper. There can be several, there can be several causes.

A few of these causes have been listed in this section. You can look at them below.

  • The paper feed roller of your hp printer may be stifled with paper dust or
  • Your device’s driver maybe
  • If you use low-quality paper it can also be a reason for this
  • You may be using printing paper with curled
  • The paper input tray of your printing machine maybe
  • There may be compatibility issues with your HP printer on
  • Certain printing jobs maybe may have become stuck in your HP printer’s printing queue.
  • The print spooler service can often cause your device to run into this

Troubleshooting HP Printer Says Out Of Paper Error

If your hp printer says out of paper you are to get rid of this issue so may your hp printer is not in good condition checking its condition before loading it in the paper tray can fix the message “HP Printer Says out of Paper” but it’s not.

The paper feed rollers of the device should be cleaned for removing this problem. First, you need to reset your hp printer Along with that, you should check that the Print Spooler service is working.

To read more fixes for this HP printer issue, you can browse through the following parts.

Solution 1: Clean Your HP Printer’s Paper Feed Rollers

The printing machine may be showing this error due to dirty paper feed rollers. Dust can often accumulate in certain parts of your HP printer. The rollers are one among these parts. Our experts opine that the rollers should be cleaned when such an error is observed.

To clean the paper feed rollers of your HP printer, you can first turn off the device. First, you need to make sure that the paper try is clean and empty.

Then you need to take a cotton cloth and dip it in water and slightly clean the tray when they have been properly cleaned and the rollers are no longer wet, you can put the access cover of the HP printer. As the final step, you are only required to get a test page printed.

Solution 2: Ensure Print Spooler is Normally Working

In Windows OS, the Print Spooler service is responsible for storing the print jobs. The service may have been stopped or may not be properly working.

Inevitably, your HP printer may be saying that it is out of paper even when sheets have been added. To ensure that the Print Spooler service is running, as usual, you can open it and check the status

Solution 3: Reset Your hp Printer

In a condition in which your HP printer says load paper when there is paper in the input tray, a problem may have occurred on your device. Supposing that the problem is minor, resetting your HP printer should work in fixing it

Solution 4: Try Adjusting the Paper Settings in HP Print Driver

  • On your access the document which isn’t getting printed.
  • Select “File”.
  • Choose the “Print”
  • In the dialog box for “Print”, press the button for “Properties”.
  • Visit the tab named “Features”/”Paper”/”Quality” for checking the paper size settings as well as the paper type
  • Press the drop-down for “Size”.
  • Ensure that the paper size is correct. Also, check that paper of the same size has been added to the input
  • Tap the “Type”
  • See to it that the paper type matches with the one that is in the
  • Select “OK”.
  • Hit “OK” one more time

Solution 5: Get Your HP Printer Serviced

HP printers have shown their efficiency most of the time. However, these machines can get affected by printing errors. Due to one such error, your HP printer says out of paper when it is not.

The actual cause of the error can be cleared by getting your printer serviced. Regular servicing of HP printers ensures that they function in the best way. In addition, you may receive improved efficiency after servicing your device.

Solution 6: Consider Updating HP Printer Driver on Windows 10

To update your HP printer driver on Windows 10 You just follow this.

  • Open “Cortana”.
  • In the “Search” option of “Cortana”, write “Device Manager”.
  • From the results, click on “Device Manager”.
  • Opt for “Printers” in the Window that
  • Right-tap on your HP
  • from the contextual menu, select “Update Driver Software”.
  • You will see a link to auto-update the driver for Tap on it.

These are some solutions to the hp out of paper problem.