Windows 11 Reviews – Complete Analysis (Reviews 2021)

Roughly after almost 6 years after everyone thought that there will be no more updates after window 10, which remained unchanged for so long now Microsoft introduced Window 11.

As mentioned by Microsoft earlier that Window 10 will be the last version of Windows now the world’s most popular operating system has decided to launch a new Window “Window 11”.

About Installation Of Windows 11

The estimated date and year to launch Windows 11 is the year 2021 October. But this may be delayed. The upgrade will be absolutely free for Window 10 users, and the price range for the normal users have not been announced yet.

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There are a lot of things required to be upgraded to Window 11, which makes it normal for users difficult to use Window 11 mention a few requirements are: 1GHz CPU, the requirement of at least 4 GB RAM, at least 64 GB storage space.

A TPM Security Chip and secure Boot Capability will also be required. But if we consider the requirements carefully they will not be a problem as such because all the Computer Systems have been using these standard features for the past 6 years now.

So, according to my, it will not be an issue at all. It is much easier for the one using Windows 10 already.

Is Microsoft Account Compulsory For Installation

Yes, you will need to sign in to a Microsoft Account to upgrade your window to Windows 11 home. Without an active Microsoft account, you will not be able to upgrade to Windows 11 home.

If you do not want to sign in or if you do not have a Microsoft account you can use a Pro version.  It is not that big issue to be panicked.

But make sure while installing the Pro version do not turn on your Wi-Fi as soon as you will turn your Wi-Fi on you will be asked to log in to a Microsoft account to complete.

About new desktop

The new desktop of Windows 11 is simple yet amazing. The wallpapers will amaze you with their simplicity. Windows 11 comes with six themes including Windows (light), Windows (dark), Glow, Captured Motion, Sunrise, and Flow.

The color scheme is just amazing. The effects and transitions of Windows 11 are incredible. Also, the new rounded corners make Windows 11 aesthetically pleasing to your eyes.

Most of the difference appears in the interface of Windows 11 and the features almost remain unchanged. It is not much of a difference between Windows 10 and 11 other than the Interface design.

About Task Bar

The new taskbar makes the interface crazy itself. For the last 20 years, the taskbar has remained aligned to the left corner of the screen but now in Windows 11, it is shifted to the center just like macOS.

If you are not a big fan of this change you can simply change it from the settings and shift the taskbar to the right. But for me this change makes the Window look so different and unique.

I addition to that it also offers a new Glow up the theme for the taskbar in the Gradient theme which I absolutely love.

About Start Menu, Search, Task View, and Widgets

The start menu has completely changed in Windows 11. It has become more compact and less noisy than it was before in Windows 11. If you are using a touch computer the new start menu will completely blow your mind.

Along with the Start Menu, the Search bar has also become more compact and smaller. It is just an icon not a text bar anymore which makes the interface more compact and beautiful.

Changing the desktop and multitasking has become easier and quicker now because of the new Task View feature of Windows 11. You can separate your desktop accordingly and multitask more quickly than earlier.

Task View is another great feature of Windows 11. You can easily do different tasks at the same time. Plus, now you can quickly change desktops. You can personalize each desktop accordingly.

For example, you can set up a productivity desktop and a gaming desktop. Windows 11 also improves docking by remembering the layouts you had on the external monitor even if you didn’t specify a Snap Group.

Thankfully, you can still snap a window to the side, so that it takes up exactly half the screen.

Coming to Widgets, it is not a big deal as Microsoft was making it to be. It tells you about weather conditions, money market followed by Microsoft News. You can personalize news according to your interests.

New Store And Android Apps

One major feature is that Windows 11 will be able to run Android apps, though with some caveats. You’ll either have to install them via the Amazon App store running inside of Windows’ Microsoft Store or as a side-loaded APK.

Like the rest of the interface, the Store gets a slick design refresh, but in the preview build, the Android apps aren’t yet available. Note that in addition to apps, the Store offers Movies and TV as well as games.

You also get all the standard apps like Photos, the Groove Music player, Voice Recorder, Paint 3D, Mail, Calendar, and so on. We can hope for the last two mentioned to be greatly improved as Windows 11 development progresses.

Gaming And New Technologies

As for new gaming technology, Windows 11 will introduce Auto HDR and Direct Storage. The first expands the color space to reveal superior clarity even with non-HDR game titles.

The second technology, Direct Storage (a subset of the Xbox Velocity Architecture) will speed up game loading times by bypassing the CPU and allowing graphics memory to load directly.

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Other technical advances in Windows 11 include Dynamic Refresh, which will save laptop batteries, by decreasing a screen’s high-refresh-rate when it’s not needed. T

he OS will also support the much faster Wi-Fi 6E standard. The requirements of TPM and Secure Boot are part of Microsoft’s beefing up the OS’s security technology, a topic worthy of a whole separate article.

Windows 11 performs better than Windows 10. It has great backward compatibility. Windows 11 is worth using.