Before we let us you know about the services our website provides, you should know first about our website Or company. is the one of the longest, responsible and independent computer customer care services., basically TSG PC Help are online customer care service, which are quite helpful, trustable, informative services to their users.

Our company Or our website is an informative security and technology news publication. Thousands of users calls or be in regular touch with our website as they find it quite trustable and frank. Our customer service operators are well deserved, trained and responsible to handle the problems or issues faced by the users. We also help our customers to tell about the latest security threats or new alerts their computer is facing or about the latest updates the computer needs. One should take care of the technology as well as the computers. Suitable antivirus, software’s, hardware’s must be installed in the computer to avoid errors or useless prompts.

In addition to news, Our services are on a very wide scale with free technical support services, downloads and yes self education tools which allows our customers to fix or resolve their problems by their own, most probably the problems are quite easy to solve it is just about the basic concepts, one should try to reach the solution to his problem by his own and if not able to fix or resolve no need to worry our services are always open for you through out the week.

What Services Do We Provide?

  1. Android RelatedWe are solve issues regarding android devices. As in mobile phones, tablets, or e-books. Our generation is facing a lot of problem on Android devices and we feel our responsibility to solve it out . You can easily approach is without any hesitation and we will make sure that your we provide the best answer to your questions as well as we will also try the best outcome of your problem or the issue you are facing.
  2. Virus Removal The very common problem which every user faces is the virus in their computer. Virus and spyware infection are speedily increasing in computers today. These viruses not only slow down your computer but can also crash your computer and yes can also steal your personal information. What you need to do when this happens? Send it to the doctor we means us. We treat our problems of computers as a patient and for them we are the doctors.
  3. Network – Many of us have different network and we do support all. One may have big or small, business or home, we completely do them all. It will be easy for you to print from any of the computer in your home or you can simply share the documents with your mates too. We can fulfil your needs and can simply create a specific network according to your need. We can help you to add devices to your existing networks and yes secure your network too.
  4. Any gadget Any Technology – Our team of TSG PC Help is always at your service. We do provide solutions for Windows, Printers, Mac, iOS, etc. any of the technology. You can simply call us or be in touch with us and let us know about your problem, which ever device it is. We try our best to fix it. The moment you get in touch with us and tell us your problem then all your problems regarding technology is our responsibility to sort out and give you solution without any wastage of time.
  5. Remote Backup – We know and we do care about your important data on your computer And we respect all of that. So do not let any virus or any destructive thing to harm your computer. Our services assure that your all important data is all backed up on daily basis and if any how you lost all of them. Then there won’t be any need to panic you may have a back up with us and you can re install that later. We will look after that your data is backed up daily to ensure its completion. And if the user wants to save or back up on a local drive at your home or place we can do that too.
  6. Software And Hardware Troubleshooting – A lot of us are already experienced in both hardware and software troubleshooting. With TSG PS Help support you don’t need to worry of any thing. You can trust on us easily and we will never let you throw money on the wrong solutions. Our team provide the best for you. We do stock a lot of hardware’s and software repair them fix them and sell them at cheap prices or at cheap rates which one can easily avail.
  7. Computer Tune Up And Optimization – Using Or operating computers over time make them a bit slower and sometimes any how virus is installed and the computer gets shut down with all the files open and in loss of your important data. Your computer may start showing bugs but it can be fixed easily. Now a days there are computers coming up with in built feature to fix the bugs and do not let your computer bogged down.

But you can also fix your previous computer no need to purchase a new one. You can simply call us and let us know about your program and problem. And later it will be our responsibility to sort it out within 4 working hours.