What is Yahoo Messenger and How Does it Work?

Yahoo Messenger is one of the most popular instant messaging applications. This article will discuss what Yahoo Messenger is and how it works.

Yahoo Messenger is an online instant messaging service. Yahoo Messenger allows users to send short instant messages along with video calls. You can access Yahoo Messenger on Desktop, Android, and iOS devices.

Yahoo Messenger is a messaging app that lets you communicate with your friends and family members absolutely free. It helps you to send instant messages to people. You can operate Yahoo Messenger on Computers, MAC books, iOS, and Android mobile phones very easily.

Using Yahoo Messenger is very easy and simple. Just like any other instant messaging application, it allows you to send messages to people within a very short period of time.

Yahoo keeps on introducing various updates for Yahoo Messenger. Which keeps people engaged and enthusiastic to use Yahoo Messenger. There are many issues regarding Yahoo Messenger which users face a lot of time.

Yahoo Messenger allows you to access all your contacts and communicate in 40 languages. You can share photos and videos and you can also attend video calls.

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What is Yahoo Messenger and How Does it Work ( Guide )

What is Instant Message?

You can carry on a conversation with your friends and family with the help of your person computer. The message travels in the digital form over the internet.

Using Yahoo Messenger

Sending and receiving of instant messages with the help of Yahoo Messenger is a very easy process. It is very easy to learn and practice. Yahoo also offers online help centre where you can contact their associates and they will help you with any problem you need to know. Mentioned below are the few procedures that will help you while using Yahoo Messenger:

Sending an Instant Message:

Sending instant messages on Yahoo Messenger is very easy and convenient. If you want to send message to someone in your contact list. Then you just have to look for the name of the person whom you wish to send message in your contact list.

To find the contact whom you wish to send message you can search for them in the search box. You just have to write the first few letters of the name of the contact and then you will have the options of contacts in front of you. Just choose the contact whom you want to send the instant message.

If that person is not in your contact list you can type their ID in the search box. Now open the chat box of the person write down your message in the space below and then press the Enter button to send the message. You will be able to send the message to someone who is already using Yahoo. if he/she is not a Yahoo user then you will not be able to send them message.

If you want to send the same message to more then one person then you have to hold down the Control Key while clicking on the names in your Yahoo Messenger chat list to whom you want to forward the same message. Then click on the Action Menu and select “Send Instant Message” and press enter to send the message.

If you are sending the message to someone who is offline then the person whom you sent the message will receive it as soon as he/she will come online.

Formatting a Message

You can also send your message with a little bit of formatting. Formatting your messages will make your messages for attractive. Yahoo Messenger offers you different ways in which you can format your message. You can use different colours and fonts.

To apply different formatting options while sending your message you have to pull down the menu below the conversation which will let you to format the text that you send. You can choose form the options which are available. You can choose amount the various font and colour options available. Which will make your text look attractive.

You can also add emoticons and emotion stickers which can express your feelings in a better way. You can send happy emoticons, sad or puzzled emoticons which will express your feelings in a better way.

To add these emotion stickers, you just have to place your cursor in the place where you wish to add them choose the option from pull- down menu. Choose the options which you wish to add and you are good to go.

Receiving a Message and Responding to them

You will receive a pop-up message and you will hear an alert tune whenever you will receive the message. To open the message, click on it and you can view the message. Now if you wish to respond to the message, you just have to type your respond and press the “Enter” key to send it.

If you want to mute the alert tune to by clicking on the speaker icon above the conversation from whom you want your chats to be muted. After that you will not hear the pop-up message from that person.

Sending a File or Photo

You can also send file or photo to the person you can also do that. The process is very simple and normal. You can send files or photos in few seconds only. Go to the document or the photo that you wish to send to them just open the document or the photo and drag that into the conversation window. And just press the Send button.

You can also send the file or photo to the person even if the person is offline. It depends on the person who is receiving the photo or document can decline the photo or else they can download it.

If you are sending a file you can send up to 1GB of file. And if you are sending a photo to the person you can send up to 3000 photos. If the photo or file is accepted from the person then the photo or file will appear on the side panel of the chat.

Message Archiving

If you archive a message on Yahoo Messenger the message will be visible to you only when you will view your Yahoo ID on your computer. To archive messages on Yahoo you have to follow the mentioned below steps:

  • Click on the Message menu,
  • Select the Preference option and select Archive option.
  • Then click on Ok button to complete the process.

Once you have archived the message from your Yahoo messenger you can also view them afterwards. To view the archived message, click on the Contacts menu. Now select “Message Archive”. All the message which you have archived will appear on the screen.

Yahoo Messenger Features

Yahoo Messenger offers various features to its users some of them are:


Alert feature helps you to know whenever you receive a new message on Yahoo. The alert feature will also tell you about the upcoming features and events on Yahoo Messenger. To activate Yahoo Alert, you have to follow the mentioned below steps:

  • Visit the messenger menu and select “Preferences”.
  • Click on the Alerts and to enable the alerts click on “Enable Alert Sounds”.
  • Pick up the time when you want to receive the Alert message.
  • You can also choose among the sounds of alerts from the options. You can also add your own sound in the Alert menu.
  • Now close the window to complete the process.


Yahoo Messenger offers top privacy to your Yahoo account. If you are facing problems because of few unwanted contacts Yahoo privacy feature saves you from those problems. To set up your privacy option you just have to start by right-clicking on the name of the contact or the group. Now select “Stealth Settings”. From the options choose online, offline or permanent offline option. To finish the setting up process click on the OK button.

You can also block message from a single unwanted contact or else you can also block up to 100 contacts. They will always be offline to those contacts. With the same procedure you can block or ignore someone very easily.

  • Visit the messenger menu and select “Preferences”. Visit the “Ignore List”.
  • After that choose the “Ignore Only the People Below”.
  • Click on the “Add” button, now enter the Yahoo ID of the person whom you wish to add to your block list.
  • To finish the process, click on the “Ignore” button and finally click on the “OK” button to complete.

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