Which HP Printers Use 950 Ink – List Of Printers Designed For 950 Ink

Before we let you know about the hp printers which use 950 ink, you should know first that there are a lot of HP printer models which are designed to use HP 950 as well as 950XL ink cartridges.

These cartridges may experience poor image or picture quality and colour being very impure at some of the point during the printer’s life.

At the very first it is suggested to initiate the clean print head feature of the printer under the tools and as well as maintenance menu.

Only to make sure that there is no air trapped in the newly refilled ink cartridge or print head. If this goes smoother then it won’t cause any problems in the future. The option to clean the print head feature enables us to help to clear a clogged print head as well as a cartridge.

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And for your information hp printers gives a feature to inter-change 950 ink as well as 950xl ink with 951 ink cartridges , yes you heard it right hp 950 and hp 951 are inter changeable, in the month of October 2012 HP updated the HP 950 and HP 951 ink cartridges.

That updated feature for ink cartridges came up as a beneficial feature for the users,  this feature of ink cartridges is compatible with both current and future printers that are designed to use these ink cartridges HP950 as well as HP 950XL.

These printers are designed in a way in conjunction with future printers to deliver new features.

List Of Few Printers Which Were Designed To Use HP 950 Ink

  1. HP office jet pro 251 all in one
  2. HP office jet pro 276 all in one
  3. HP office jet pro 8100 all in one
  4. HP office jet pro 8600 all in one
  5. HP office jet pro 8610 all in one
  6. HP office jet pro 8615 all in one
  7. HP office jet pro 8620 all in one
  8. HP office jet pro 8625 all in one
  9. HP office jet pro 8630 all in one
  10. HP office jet pro 8660 all in one
  11. HP office jet pro 8640 all in one

There are a lot of printers which are designed to use hp 950 ink as well as 950 xl ink cartridges. And yes it is a very trustable product of HP or you can say one of them.

On the other hand we would like to put some light on the top-selling products or printers of hp that are designed to use hp 950 ink cartridges and which are quite economical, trustable, beneficial and convenient according to your needs.

Here Are The Specially Presented Printers by HP

There are a lot of hp printers that are designed for hp 950 ink as well as 950 XL ink, but there are a few printers that are specially presented by hp and also loved by the customers.

Here are a few of our favorite models of hp printers which are specially designed to use 950 ink cartridges.

HP Office Jet Pro 251 All In One Printer

Hp office jet pro 251 comes up with a lot of new features with a modern design which easily manages your printing surroundings as well as environment and yes your budget too with an affordable price.

The feature of e-print that really delivers cost 50 % or more than 50 % lower cost per page than lasers and also having a powerful managing tools which do make your tasks easy and simple to perform without wastage of your time and making networking easy and quite simple.

HP Office Jet Pro 276 All In One Printer

Hp office jet pro 276 comes with very new features and designed in a modern way and yes it is quite affordable for one to purchase as it really delivers up to 50% lower cost than lasers and yes it to have skill full and powerful manageability tools.

Which may help you perform your task easier, simpler, and quicker. HP office jet pro 276 not only simplifies your tasks but do also has versatile functions and networking, which also helps to consume time.

On the other hand, hp printers are quite Eco friendly and environmentally safe.

HP Office Jet Pro 8100 All In One Printer

Hp office jet pro 8100 is the fastest, economical, competent and simpler than a colour laser printer. These printers may have photo quality far better than laser.

This hp printer is a single function printer this does not copy or scan, it can only print.

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This printer comes up with 64 MB built-in ram and does have a speed to print documents by 16 ppm colour and for black 20 ppm. And if you are going to print a letter then it may print up to 35 ppm whether it’s color or black and white (mono).

HP Office Jet Pro 8600 All In One Printer

This hp office jet pro 8600 printer is basically a business class ink jet printer which barely costs more, HP office jet 8600 pro cost very lower or cheaper than other consumer class models or other printers.

Hp office jet is a colour printer with ink jet technology. And yes it does have a feature to scan, copy, fax, web as well as print.

The resolution colour is 4800 * 1200 and resolution for black is 1200 * 600 and the printing speed for both black and colour is 35 ppm and the main feature is that the standard and maximum memory is 128 MB.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between HP 950 and 951?

The XL versions of the 950 and 951 provide users much more value although they are expensive as these high yield cartridges last at least twice as long as the normal version.

What Printer Takes 951?

HP Officejet Pro 276dw Multifunction; HP Officejet Pro 251dw ; HP Officejet Pro 8100 – N811a/N811d ; HP Officejet Pro 8620; HP Officejet Pro 8630 ; and HP Officejet Pro 8610 printer.

Is HP 950 And 951 Ink Inter Changeable?

Yes, they can be interchanges as they are the same in that the HP 950XL cartridge will work in the same printers as the HP 950. The only difference between the 950XL and the 950 is that the 950XL is a high yield cartridge which simply means it contains more ink than a standard 950.

Leaving that behind you can use the 950XL to replace the 950 and vice versa. The XL can fit in the same slot as the 950 in your printer.

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