Why Outlook Is Asking For Password Again And Again?

It is very frustrating and annoying when Outlook continuously asks you for your account password even if you have logged in one time. This problem is faced by many users nowadays and users do not really know how they can solve this problem.

So, in this article, we will be discussing this issue which people face on outlook i.e, why Outlook is asking for passwords again and again. You can try the mentioned below solutions to solve these issues.

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As you all must know that in Outlook there are identification settings sometimes those settings are enabled, it is disabled by default. That is why Outlook continuously asks users for their passwords. If you want to get rid of this problem you have to disable the identification settings. You can follow the mentioned below steps to take the same:

  1. Open Outlook on your device.
  2. Go to the File option and then click on Account Settings.
  3. Look for the Exchange account option after that click on the Change Button.
  4. A new dialog box will appear in front of you now go to the More Settings option.
  5. You will see a Security tab there.
  6. There you will find a small check box next to Always Prompt For Login Credentials you have to uncheck the checkbox manually.

If the issue still continues to stay you will have to delete all the stored credentials in the Credential Manager of the Outlook account. You can follow the mentioned below steps to do the same:

  1. Open Outlook on your device.
  2. Go to the control panel and click on Credential Manager.
  3. The numbers of credential sets will appear in front of you choose the credential set with Outlook in the name.
  4. Look for the expand arrow and click on the Remove from Vault option.
  5. You have to do the same to remove all the credential sets. And you have to remove all of them,

Sometimes the network connection you are using to operate Outlook may not be working properly. Bad network issues can cause you to be logged out again and again because of which you might be facing Outlook is asking for Password again and again. A bad network connection leads you to lose the connection to the main server because of which you are logged out again and again and you are being asked for the password back and forth. Try to have a proper network connection and if your present connection is not working properly you have to change it.

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This can also happen if your profile is corrupted. It is one of the common reasons because of which Outlook is not able to recognize your profile and you are asked for a password again and again. You can follow the steps mentioned below if your profile is corrupted:

  1. Open outlook.
  2. Go to the control panel and Mail option.
  3. Click on the mail option and then scroll down to look for the Mail setup option.
  4. Click on it and an Outlook Box will appear on your screen.
  5. There you will find a Show Profile Button click on it.
  6. From the options available select the Outlook option and then click on Add button below it to add a new Outlook profile.
  7. Add a new profile name according to you.
  8. Click ok.
  9. Mention the Name, email ID, password and all the required details.
  10. Click on the Next button when you are done.
  11. Now you can use your new profile.
  12. Click on Always Use This Profile and select the profile name from the drop down menu.
  13. Look for the Apply button and click on it.

If none of the above steps are working for you are advised to contact the support manager of Outlook. They will look into your problem and will provide you with the correct solution.