Why Outlook Is Not Responding?

Included in Outlook-related problems one of the most common and frustrating problems that a user’s faces is Outlook not responding. The Outlook is stuck on the screen and users can see only Processing Message flashing on the screen for a long time without anything happening. Basically, outlook freezes and stops working you may try clicking on the files or something but nothing will happen.

In this article, we will be talking about all the reasons and how you can fix this Why Outlook is not responding to issues in detail.

Reasons Why Outlook Is Not Responding?

  • It may be Outlook is being used by another processer.
  • Mailboxes are too large.
  • The latest update of outlook has been installed by you.
  • AppData folder is redirected to a network location.
  • Office programs are damaged.
  • External content is being loaded by outlook.
  • The antivirus installed in your computer is not updated or has been damaged.
  • The files on the Outlook data folder have been corrupted.
  • Any other program has been interfering with Outlook.
  • Some previously installed add-ins may have been interfering with outlook.
  • Outlook profile is corrupted.

How To Solve The Outlook Not Responding Issue?

Step 1: Install the latest update of Outlook

The update you might be using right now is not updated. To work with Outlook properly without any problems you need to install the latest version. The update is not automatically visible or downloaded you have to continuously check and install the latest version whenever it comes. Once you have installed the latest update move on to the next step.

Step 2: Make sure that Outlook is not in use by another process

If you are using the Auto-Archive feature of Outlook feature it may affect the performance of Outlook because these processes use a large number of resources. And when a large number of resources is occupied by these programs the performance is highly affected.

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To check where the outlook is being used by other processes you can look at the status bar at the bottom of the screen. Close all the other programs while you are using outlook otherwise, the Outlook will stop performing. Use Outlook alone and let it complete all its functions first.

Step 3: External problems might be caused

To restrict the external issues to be caused follow the mentioned below steps:

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Go to the File option and look for the Trust center option in it.
  3. Go to automatic downloads then select these two options:
  • Do not Download pictures or other content automatically
  • Warn me before downloading content when editing or using email.
  1. Do not send emails using external sources.

Step 4: Add-in investigates might be possible

Add-ins are used to enhance your user interface experience but on the other hand, these add-ins might interfere with outlook. To use outlook without add-ins follows the mentioned below steps:

  1. According to the window you are using follow the mentioned below options:
  • While using Windows 8 from the right edge of your screen-swipe in and tap on the search button. Type run in the search bar and press enter.
  • While using Windows 10, Windows 7, or Windows Vista, select start from the bottom of your screen.
  • While using Windows XP select start and then select run
  1. Type outlook.exe/safe and now select the OK button.
  2. After the problem is resolved go to the File menu and then select Add-ins
  3. Now select COM Add-Ins and click on
  4. Checkboxes will appear in front of you clear all the checkboxes and click on Ok.
  5. Now restart the outlook.

Step 5: Mailbox is too large

When your mailbox size is increased the more resources are needed to load the box which may affect the performance of your Outlook. In a few operations, your outlook might not respond because of the lack of resources which are being occupied by your mailbox which is too large.

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Users are recommended to move items to their separate folders if it is becoming too large. You can also reduce the size of your Outlook data files being stored in the mailbox. You can also archive a few files which are not in use by using an auto-archive feature of outlook.

Step 6: Make sure that your AppData folder is being redirected to a network

The certain data which is stored in Outlook like email signatures, spelling checker, dictionary, etc. the data which is present in AppData folder might lead to the slow performance of the Outlook.  You will have to disable the redirection of the AppData directory.

Step 7: Repair the Office programs

To automatically repair the Office programs follow the given steps:

  1. Exit the current running Outlook program.
  2. Now go to the Control Panel and open ADD or REMOVE program option.
  3. A list of the installed programs will appear in front of you right-click on Microsoft Office 2016, Microsoft Office 2013, or Microsoft Office 2010 now select Repair.

Step 8: Check the antivirus update

You must keep your antivirus updated from time to time because the virus may enter which could cause Outlook not responding issue. You have to manually check about the availability of the update of your antivirus software and install it timely if you want your Outlook programs to function properly.