Why Outlook Mail Is Not Receiving?

In this article we will be talking about Outlook mail is not received in detail. Sometimes the people are not able to receive mails on outlook which is very frustrating at times. This article will be talking about all the problems and their solutions.

Why Outlook Does Not Receive Emails?

  • Sometimes there is a network error because of which people are not able to receive their emails.
  • May be email account might not be properly synced with Outlook.
  • Maybe your outlook profile is affected by Marvel.
  • There is a chance that outlook is blocking your emails to reach you.
  • An outlook plugin can cause such a problem more often.
  • Maybe the server you are using is down or the network connectivity is not proper.

Tips To Protect Your Outlook From Receiving Mail

Protecting your Outlook mail is the most important thing. Mentioned below are some points which you have to keep in mind which will definitely be able to solve Outlook mail is not receiving problem:

  1. Verify the trusted devices only: Make sure that you only allow access of your Outlook account to trusted Devices only. Go to your settings and grant access to those devices only whom you trust. With the help of Outlook, you can add your trusted devices and can assure that no other unauthorized devices are allowed to access your Outlook account.
  2. Keep your password updated: The main thing with the help of which you can assure your Outlook account security is that you should change your account password from time to time. You are advised to change your Outlook account password within a few months.
  3. Two-factor Authentication: Always remember to turn on the two-factor authentication for your Outlook account so that whenever someone tries to access your account without your permission you will immediately receive a warning and a unique code will be sent to you along with the warning. Until and unless you will not type that code to confirm your identity no other person will be able to log in to your account.
  4. Keep a backup of your Data: Let me tell you that the data on your Outlook account is stored in a local storage device. That is why we will advise you to keep a proper backup of your data for the future.

How To Solve Outlook Mail Not Receiving?

Mentioned below are a few points which can solve the problem of Outlook Mail not receiving:

1. Check The Internet Connection And Outlook Service

Make sure that your device is connected to a stable network device. Sometimes the internet connection you are using may not be working properly because of which you will not receive your emails.

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Moreover, there are chances that the outlook server is not responding because of heavy use age or any other reason. If you see a red mark that is a clear indication that the server of outlook is not responding.

2. Check You, Block List

Make sure you haven’t blocked the user from which you are hoping for an email. If you have blocked them so you will not be able to receive emails from them any longer. You can check your outlook block list by visiting outlook settings then going to mail then junk mails.

Check the list properly and make sure the user from which you are expecting email is not blocked and if he or she is blocked unblock them otherwise you will not be able to receive the mails.

3. Check Your Junk Folder

Sometimes there is a 99% chance that if you are not receiving the Outlook mail, they are transferred in your junk mails. So before taking any further action do check your junk mailbox.

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Go to your junk mailbox and mark the mail as non-junk and the mail will be automatically transferred into your inbox and then you can read it from there.

4. Check The Automatic Refresh Option

Most commonly the automatic refresh option is enabled in outlook and you get your mails automatically but if you are unable to get your mails on their own then you will have to enable the Automatic Refresh option.

You will just have to go to your send/receive group settings and look for the Automatic Refresh option under then and turn it on. After that whenever you will open your Outlook email you will automatically receive your new emails.

5. The Account Is Blocked

Sometimes due to a few security reasons or identity verification, the outlook blocks your account due to which you are not able to receive your emails anymore.

Make sure that your account is not blocked to unblock it you will just have to send a verification code to your registered mobile number and after that, you can easily unblock it.

6. Get Rid Of Your Outlook Rules

You all must be aware that outlook allows you to create your own set of rules according to which you can control the sending and receiving of your Outlook mails.

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In this way, it sometimes gets complicated because of which you are not able to receive your emails. So, get rid of those roles to simplify the process and you will be able to receive your emails easily.

7. Do Not Connect Multiple Accounts

Although outlook allows you to open a maximum of 20 Outlook emails on the same device because of that you will face many issues. Because of multiple accounts outlook blocks, certain mails so just log off all other accounts and just loin to that account in which you are expecting to receive your email.