Why Windows 10 Battery Indicator Wrong? (Complete Solution)

It is not uncommon to display Windows 10 battery indicator wrong information on laptops or computers. This could happen for various reasons like there can be a fault with the battery hardware or the Windows software.

Every battery has its own charge and recharge cycle. Which can vary from battery to battery? When you buy a new laptop your battery will last much longer than after some time. It is certain that no battery will last as long as it did when you bought the laptop.

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No matter how you use your laptop, whether you use it less or more the total capacity of the battery will eventually decrease over time as you use the laptop. This means over time your battery will start draining out faster.

Typically, after some time you will start noticing the change yourself. There will be an obvious reduction in battery rub time after 10 to 24 months.

How to Know that Your Windows 10 Battery Indicator is Wrong?

However, if you notice these changes or problems while using your laptop this means you are facing the wrong battery indicator problem. Like if, you are using your laptop knowing that there is enough battery in your laptop there is absolutely no need to charge your laptop.

But if it suddenly turns off when it seemingly had enough battery left, there is a possibility that your laptop is indicating wrong battery percentage. This does not happen commonly to every laptop or windows this is a serious problem to be rectified with immediate action.

This kind of problem is usually caused when your battery hardware is not working properly or there is some kind of fault with the windows software.

How is Battery Time Calculated?

Before you go through the points to solve the problem of Wrong battery indicator you must know how it is calculated actually. The battery time estimated provided by windows is an estimate.

It is calculated on the bases of what are you currently doing on the laptop assumes you will continue doing that.

If you are watching a video or a movie, playing a game, doing something intensive like that, windows would not estimate many hours remaining. However, if you stop playing game or reduce the brightness of your laptop.

Only use one windows at a time and switch off all other things like the extra things you are doing the number of hours left on the battery will shoot up. Battery percentage of your laptop can also change even If you are not doing anything.

For instance if you are installing a new program or if you are updating something. This will reduce your battery percentage automatically.

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So, if the remaining hour count jumps around a lot that might be normal. But if your laptop suddenly turns off at 30 percent charge, there’s a problem to be worried about. You should take quick action.

How to Fix the Problem When Windows 10 Battery Indicator Wrong?

Following are the ways by which you can fix this particular problem and get your laptop to display the right battery percentage:

Solution 1: Calibrate Your Laptop Battery

If your laptop battery meter is displaying the wrong battery percentage the most likely way to solve it is by calibrating the battery. This is where you run the battery down from a full charge to empty and then back up again. You can calibrate your laptop by following these steps:

  1. Charge your laptop completely. You should connect your laptop to an external power source until the battery is completely charged.
  2. Turn off to Hibernate and Sleep mode to make sure that you can discharge the battery as soon as possible later.
  3. Right-click the battery icon in the taskbar and then click on the Power Options. You can also search for Power Options in the control panel.
  4. Click Change when the laptop sleeps from the left menu.
  5. Change all the down that appears on the screen to Then click Save Changes to save all the changes. You will be taken back to the Power Options.
  6. Click change when the laptop sleeps again and then click Change Advance Settings
  7. Expand battery and then expand critical battery level. Take note of the current battery percentage you may need it later.
  8. Click the On Battery percentage and set it as low as possible.
  9. Click ok to save all the changes.
  10. Discharge the battery and leave the laptop on and disconnect it from external power.
  11. Charge the laptop 100% again using the external power. If the laptop is turned off do not turn it on until laptop is completely charged.
  12. Unable Hibernate and sleep mode. Now go to settings and change all the changes back like they were again.

Solution 2: Reinstall Battery Drivers

Your battery drives might be missing or corrupted and therefore causing an incorrect percentage reading. This can also help if your laptop is pegged in and not charging. Follow these steps to reinstall battery divers:

  1. Press the “Windows + X” keys and then choose Drive Manager.
  2. Expand Batteries and then right-click on Microsoft ACPI- Compliment Control Method Battery to choose Uninstall device.
  3. Restart the computer.

Solution 3. Update Windows

You should keep your windows updated at all times. The issue if your windows are outdated is that the battery percentage that is displayed when you hover the taskbar icon, versus the percentage that shows when you click it, is one percent different.

This can also be a reason for your wrong battery indicator. Follow the following steps to update your windows.

  1. Press “Windows + I” to open settings.
  2. Click Update and Security and then click Check For Updates. Any available update will automatically download and install.

Why does your battery percentage keep changing?

The batteries degrade over time on its own. As much as you will use your batteries it will degrade naturally. It totally depends on the usage of the battery.

The capacity of the batteries slowly decreases over time. And when it is not measured properly the device will show the wrong battery percentage.

There may also be some hardware or software problems because of which your battery percentage may misbehave. These hardware or software problems create errors in the system.

Sometimes wear and tear in the use of batteries affect its health or cause calibration. That is why the usage of batteries makes a huge difference in its health and on your system.

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If all the above-mentioned methods do not help you should check if your laptop battery is too old. If so you can try turning on battery saver mode or change your battery.