Windows 11 issues – List Of Windows Problems & Their Solutions

Microsoft has recently released a beta version of its full Window 11 update. Already many people have downloaded this beta version and using it and there are many bugs and errors coming up in the beta version.

Although the purpose of the beta version is exactly to find out the difficulties and bugs users come across so that before the actual launch they can rectify all the bugs and problems and the update is safe and smooth to be used by everyone.

Here Is a List Of Windows 11 Issues:

Explained below are a few bugs and problems users are recently facing with the beta version of Windows 11 and how to solve them:

Unable to Download Windows 11

When the Windows 11 update was announced the publishers announced that all the existing members of Microsoft will be able to download Windows 11 without any special hardware requirement but it seems that all the Microsoft users are not able to download the Windows 11 update.

It appears the members of the Insiders program are not really able to update to Windows 11. This is happening because of the missing of certain hardware requirements by the users. 

Unable to Search in Start Menu

The start menu of Windows 11 is currently facing a problem. Users are not able to type into the search bar to search for things.

However, there are other options in Windows 11 from where you can search anything but for someone like a user of old OS, this is quite annoying as people are habitual of the search bar usage.

Microsoft has also noticed the bug and is well aware of the problem that is why they have come up with a solution that if you open the Run window and then try searching again the search bar will start working and will accept text.

You just have to simply type Win+ Run on your keyboard and the Run function will open. You just have to open it and close it as you do not actually want to Run anything right now. After closing, it try typing in the search bar again this time it will work.

File Explorer Still Looks Like Windows 10

Many people are facing this issue that the interface of their File Explorer has not changed and the entire interface is changed. The interface of their File Explorer does not look like the one which appeared in the Microsoft Keynote.

This has been very disappointing for a large group of people that their File Explorer’s interface looks the same as Windows 10.

Thankfully there is a solution. You just have to follow the given below steps to change the Interface of your File Explorer:

  • From the top of the “File Explorer” taskbar look for the “View” option and click on it.
  • From the fare right corner of your screen select “Options” and then the next “View” option.
  • A list of options will appear on your screen from the available options look for the “‘Launch folder windows in a separate process” option and make sure that the checkbox in front of it is unchecked.
  • Now restart the file manager and your interface will be changed.

Other Windows 11 Issues

Listed below are a few more issues and bugs which are currently faced by the users of Window 11. Most of these issues are acknowledged by Microsoft itself and they are working on finding the solution.

In a short time span, they will come up with all the issues and the solutions and will release the Windows 11 update soon.

  • For some apps, the Ratings and Reviews are not visible.
  • In most of the old monitors, the taskbars are not visible right now but in the upcoming built this problem will be solved.
  • Settings legacy pages, fit and finish bugs will be taken into consideration in future built.
  • When using Quick Settings to modify Accessibility settings, the settings UI may not save the selected state
  • The installation button might not be functional yet in some limited scenarios in the Windows Store


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