Windows 7 Unable to Save Display Settings [Solution]

Windows 7 Unable to Save Display Settings – As an update to Windows Vista, Windows 7 is far better than Windows Vista with a lot of new features for example:

  1. The operational speed – One of the main updates of Windows 7 is that the speed of operations had increased than the speed of operations in Windows vista. Most of the users were already having speed issues with Windows vista as it takes a lot of time to do any work like opening any window, restarting the windows, etc.

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As an up-gradation to Windows Vista, Windows 7 had fixed the speed issues and it hardly takes less than 15 seconds to accomplish any operation like restarting the windows or browsing something.

  1. User account control – User account control that you control if you are fine with the new security features of windows done but were not able to stand or to handle the continuous prompts like a rapid-fire. Take a deep breath and be relaxed because Windows 7 had come up with fixing these issues to make them very less confused and unwanted.
  2. Alerts or Cautions – Windows 7 as an updated version of Windows Vista comes up with a new feature to fix the alerts or cautions, as in the security lines up the system messages and let you respond freely to them In your free schedule not when it gets prompted to you or when it feels like windows interrupting in between your work.
  3. A system tray – A new and very interesting feature of Windows 7 is that windows give their users an option to access a system tray of their choice. You can simply remove or add the apps or messages of your choice into the system tray. The new feature prevents the overflowing of unwanted apps or messages and distracts you for nothing.
  4. Jump lists – The jump lists another very main and interesting feature of Windows 7. Windows makes it accessible for their users to access the applications before even you open them by these context-sensitive task-bars menus. This feature of windows may save plenty of time of the user.
  5. Taskbar – The taskbar feature on Windows 7 is very simple to use or you can say it is very easy to access as the taskbar reloaded is an up-gradation to window vista’s, so it is far better than Windows Vista. Windows 7 handles both the things running and nonrunning apps with equal assurance.

Windows 7 Unable to Save Display Settings

There are a lot of issues or errors like “Windows 7 Unable to Save Display Settings” faced by the users one of the most common issues is that the users are not able to save the display settings on their Windows 7.

As it is a very common problem of every user so you all should know how to solve it, and finding a solution to it is not that hard. This issue may occur because you may not know how to save display settings or you may skip a few steps.

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And trust us it is very easy to do that. Our windows team is always trying their best to serve their users, if our user is facing any issue or problem or error it is our responsibility and first priority to solve it out at any cost, for us your time is very precious that is why our team tries to save your precious time as much as we can.

Here are some easy and simple steps to solve this issue of not being able to save the display settings on Windows 7:

  1. The very first thing to do is that be relaxed and have a calm mind and switch on your computer completely. Wait for the desktop screen to appear.
  2. The very first thing after switching on your computer to do is that right-click on any of the empty spaces on your desktop.
  3. After right-click, click on the screen resolution.
  4. Then in the resolution section, click the drop-down menu, a small menu will be shown on your desktop screen.
  5. Then do select the lowest resolution of all the connected monitors which may come in the last and then click on the apply ok.
  6. The last thing to do is that restart your computer and have a check whether the unable to save the display settings is being fixed or not, and for sure it had been fixed and now you can take a deep breath and relax.

Note: If the problem is still not fixed you can simply contact our customer services without any hesitation you can have a chat with us or you can send us a email or you can also contact our customer care call services.

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